L7200 Jr is Great for Small Tractors

You don’t need a large tractor to dig post holes like a professional.  The Leinbach L7200 Jr will mount right up to nearly any sub compact, and most small compact tractors.  The Kubota BX and the Kubota class 1 B series are prime examples of tractors that will be a perfect combination with the Leinbach L7200 Jr post hole digger. See the video of an installed Leinbach L7200jr.


About The Leinbach L7200 Jr

If you are looking for an auger driven post hole digger for your small tractor, at an unbeatable value, well you just found it.  The Leinbach L7200 Junior post hole digger is the perfect blend of rugged construction, ease of installation/operation, and affordability.  The L7200jr’s boom is adjustable to four positions and features a narrow arch to accommodate compact and sub compact tractors.  A category 1, 3 point narrow hitch is utilized in mounting the Junior. The Leinbach L7200 Jr also boasts a 2” diameter output shaft to deliver power from the PTO to the gearbox.  This PTO drive shaft is shielded for protection and also prevents any major damage to the L7200 Jr with a replaceable shear bolt.  There is a mounted handle to manually adjust the angle of the auger to drill an accurate hole.

Probably the most important element on the Leinbach L7200 Jr is the durable gearbox. This gearbox houses gear oil which continuously lubricates tapered roller bearings moving inside.  This design ensured long life and smooth operation. If you buy the Leinbach L7200 Jr it will come without gear oil. There is only one dealer that will ship your new digger with the recommended 3 quarts of oil already in it to keep you from spending $20 to fill it once you receive the item, and that is EverythingAttachments.com. This is convenient in saving you time and money, along with being one less thing you have to worry about before installing and using your Leinbach L7200 Jr.

Why Leinbach Junior Post Hole Digger?

When searching for the right auger driven post hole digger for your compact tractor, it is easy to see why the Leinbach L7200 Jr is way ahead of the competition.  Leinbach Machinery uses high quality steel, a heavy duty gearbox, and has nearly 40 years experience building farm equipment.  Leinbach has also researched the compact tractor applications and the design of the L7200jr reflects the  time spent to make it the post hole digger that so many satisfied customers have chosen.

Where can I find the L7200 Jr?

You can purchase this digger at Everything Attachments online and have it shipped via UPS direct to your door. They have taken the time to provide more information about the Leinbach L7200 Jr post hole digger and also have videos to let you know if it is the correct size for your tractor.  You can their online store and learn more about how to get a Leinbach L7200jr shipped for free right to your front door.

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Leinbach L7200 Jr